I just returned from the Practical Pedagogies 2018 Conference in Cologne Germany. The learning experiences was as rich, if not more so, as the mammoth conferences I’ve recently attended. Smaller conferences can be hit or miss. #PracPed18 was a major score!

From the keynote to the educator facilitated breakout sessions, I learned from many people. Here’s a special shout out to Russel Tarr of @russeltarr, the conference coordinator, and presenters Ross Morrison McGill of @TeacherToolkit and Elizabeth Hutcheson of @Elizabethutch.

In case you’d like to review my session, here it is below. Please share with others if you find helpful. In your social media of choice please include @JMcCarthyEdS and #SoAllCanLearn so that I can know. Thank you.

Explore High Impact Strategies for Differentiation So All Can Learn

OR: https://tinyurl.com/2018differentiation

Differentiation is not difficult to do. It does take work. Fortunately, lesson planning is a required part of our practice, and is THE place to plan for differentiation. Keep in mind 3 concepts:

  • Intuitive Differentiation
    During a lesson in action, we help learners who struggle or need challenge with the academic skills and concepts. How? We answer their questions, refer them to resources, change the task, or reteach. Adjustments are done on the fly or in the moment.
  • Intentional Differentiation
    During lesson planning, we use student data and instructional knowledge to create flexible learning experiences that address the learning outcome. Planning differentiation before teaching the lesson helps us to adequately prepare for learner needs.
  • Crossroad Lessons
    “Where to start planning Differentiation?” Look ahead to those lessons that address key concepts that students must understand if they are going to find success with later lessons. This is a lesson or lessons that you know there will be students who struggle greatly, and others who likely already have the required understanding. Start planning differentiation for that Crossroad Lesson.


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