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John McCarthy, Ed.S.
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John McCarthy advocates for student voice and agency. He works with schools across the United States and in different parts of the world on innovative practices, such as Differentiation, College & Career Readiness Skills (aka 21st Century Skills), Authentic Learning Experiences, Project-Based Learning, Instruction supported by Technology tools, STEAM, Systemic and Culture building. “So All Can Learn” provides a vision and instructional tools that support these and other innovative practices.

Publications by John can be found on his blog, www.openingpaths.org, as well as for www.Edutopia.org, www.TeachThought.com, EdWords, and other sites. Find a complete list at: Publications.

With wide ranging teaching and coaching experience, John consults, and is an adjunct professor at Madonna University. He has taught English and Social Studies in high schools in three different states, that included communities that were rural, urban, suburban, high poverty and high affluence. He spent years coaching in elementary to high schools. John has been a consultant for several organizations, including the Buck Institute for Education, Co-nect, and Wayne RESA, serving many schools in diverse settings. “So All Can Learn” is inspired and influenced by the context of these wide ranging experiences, so that educators in all of these settings will find much that addresses their needs.

John McCarthy is available for virtual and in-person talks about So All Can Learn and Education Consulting Support. Contact here.

About the book
So All Can Learn: A Practical Guide to Differentiation

This book serves teaching students from elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

The book and website are an extension of the ongoing work to improve education by giving voice to all students. Differentiation is an essential lens and tool-set for effective instructional practices. Differentiation is not some abstract concept, strategies for an “ideal classroom”, or can only be accomplished if given enough resources.

So All Can Learn provides practical steps, tied to pedagogy, for how every teacher does differentiation, and how they can elevate their practice. Differentiation has many layers from simple practices to complex structures of implementation. Similar to a gamer who levels up or a martial artist earning belts, dedication to practice and reflection on efforts is how mastery of Differentiation happens.

The target age groups is ALL students. Learners needs are important from young children to adults. While the stories exemplified in the book ranges from young children to teens, the practical steps and pedagogy addressed are applicable for all ages of learners. Making connections, using assessments, providing personalized experiences is a need for any teacher who has students under their care.

Read the book, reflect and discuss the concepts and skills with yourself, others, and on this site: Reflection on Practice. Review the resources as referenced in the chapters of So All Can Learn. Collaborative learning helps us grow and models the experiences that will empower your students.

Contact me through any of the above social media tools of your choosing. Share passages from the book that have led to new ideas, affirmations, and/or questions. I look forward to learning with you.