Cairo Egypt and Abu Dhabi UAE were great cultural experiences where I learned so much rich history by friends and colleagues.  The Advanc-ED Global Conference in both cities contained deep learning experiences. The turnout at the sessions were amazing, with educators highly energized to learn and share ideas. The theme was #EdDreamBIG. I learned a lot from the presenters, and participants to my own sessions:

Explore High Impact Strategies for Differentiation So All Can Learn
 Promote Student Voice and Engagement through
Powerful Student-Led Activities

The resources from the sessions balanced pedagogy with practical tools that helps any teacher expand their toolkit to greater effect on a student-centered culture that supports Student Agency and academic growth so ALL can learn.

Here is a bonus handout that includes the key slides from the presentations. Get more resources and ideas when they are hot off the press, just by signing up on the email box to the top right of this page. (Looks like the image below)