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I was looking through the blogs by others who I read frequently or go to when I’m looking for ideas and perspective. In the spirit of sharing, I’m listing some below. I hope that you find some new ones to check out, others that perhaps we share similar taste, and some that you might return to.

  • Edutopia
    While it’s not one author, there are many great ideas from a diversity of topics. It’s written by and for educators. Check what’s currently posted or use their Topics section to find the ideas you’re looking for. Their video library has amazing content to meet everyone’s needs. Here are educator voices to explore:
    Beth Rayl, Suzie Boss, Matt Levinson, and John McCarthy 😉
  • 21st Century Education Technology Learning
    Mike Gorman is always good for a wealth of ideas for Project-Based Learning, Instructional Technology, and STEAM. No surprise that this site is on my list, as due to its many recognition, it’s on many people’s radar.
  • Rewarding Education
    Robert Ward has written several important books on the relationship of teachers and parents. The ideas were so compelling, I started reading his blog.
  • The Newbie’s Guide to Publication
    Author, JA Konrath has much to say about the publishing world, particularly about e-publishing. Why should educators read his blog? E-publishing is a great opportunity for student agency and authentic learning. Learn from the man. He’s got a lot to give.
  • TeachThought
    This site offers articles from a variety of educators on current topics that we grapple with in schools. Also, check out their podcast library. Some of the top people in education are interviewed about the instructional and leadership topics that you care most about.
  • ASCD Express & Education Leadership
    Both resources by ASCD have great ideas and strategies to reflect on and use for teaching, learning, and culture building. Some articles are free. Their deep archive of articles require a membership. Well worth visiting.
  • Opening Paths & John McCarthy
    Check out my blogs after you’ve explored the great list above. Included are strategies and exploration of ideas to help improve the learning experiences of our students. Enjoy 🙂

Please share blogs that you recommend in the comment section. I’m looking for others to check out to keep growing.