Thank you READERS. As of today: So All Can Learn remains the #1 Hot New Release on Amazon in Experimental Education Methods is amazing when you consider it’s been there for 8 days.

More important are the reader reviews, which offer clear value for the ideas and strategies that are useful to teachers and professors.

Differentiation happens in everything we do with students. The key is being effective and efficient in practice by intentional planning. In So All Can Learn, intentional differentiation is done by teachers when they do planning before the lesson implementation. Teachers draw on assessment data and their experiences to anticipate the potential challenges or needs that come up regarding concepts and content to be taught. The supports are incorporated during the planning phase, instead of coming up with the adjustments “in the moment” (known as intuitive differentiation) of the lesson.

One example is when a teacher wants to show a video of current events and have students have an in-depth conversation, including analysis. A challenge is how to ensure that all students are prepared to participate in the discussion with substantive contributions.

One method includes using Edpuzzle to chunk the video for building learner understanding. Edpuzzle enables teachers to embed question prompts into a video. Instead of showing a 5 or 10 minute video without pause, question prompts can be embedded for discussion and answering after 1-2 minutes. This gives students differentiation by Processing content into smaller chunks. Here’s a demo video from the CEO:

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